VA Beach Sandsculpting 2014

The Sandsculpting Championship was amazing yet again this year!

DSCN4050 DSCN4088DSCN4052 DSCN4055

I wondered why this gentleman had the opportunity to fix his sculpture. I later over heard people talking about how crabs had crawled all over his sculpture overnight, so they allowed him to put it back together.



VA Beach Sandsculpting 2011

My beach vacation was timed around the Neptune Festival so I was able to see the artists actually work on their sandsculptures. I didn’t know they were allowed to use bases and wooden boxes for forms. Takes a little bit of the awe away, but still pretty darn amazing!

DSC07925DSC07803 DSC07804 DSC07827 DSC07828 DSC07656 DSC07795DSC07819

Some before and after shots.

DSC07802 DSC07879DSC07805DSC07876DSC07874DSC07818DSC07871DSC07816DSC07852DSC07854

Many of the sculptures were two, three, and even four-sided, meaning each side was a different sculpture. I didn’t necessarily walk around each one in order, so I hope I matched the fronts to the backs correctly.

DSC07856 DSC07855

DSC07862 DSC07857DSC07881 DSC07880 DSC07882 DSC07912DSC07883 DSC07884DSC07900 DSC07898DSC07893 DSC07891 DSC07850 DSC07896

The rest I only took a picture of one side.

DSC07916 DSC07910 DSC07873 DSC07863 DSC07864 DSC07859 DSC07888 DSC07866 DSC07848