I blinked & it was Fall…

…or so one tree thought. This tree literally turned overnight. And not just a couple of leaves or branches, but the entire tree! The crape myrtles are still in bloom, what is this tree thinking? The calendar may say it’s the unofficial end of summer, but the thermometer certainly doesn’t. Guess the tree is watching the calendar and not the weather channel.

DSCN3441 DSCN3436 DSCN3456 DSCN3445 DSCN3446


Baltimore MD 2007

Baltimore was a very quick trip and I really only saw the harbor and the aquarium.

View from the hotel room

10-16-07 047 10-16-07 048

Views from a harbor tour

10-16-07 038 10-16-07 041 10-16-07 031 10-16-07 042

I did not have a fancy camera at the time so the majority of the aquarium pictures came out fuzzy, hence the small display here.

10-16-07 051 10-16-07 08010-16-07 056

I’d like to go back and do a little more exploring of the city some day, not just of the harbor.

Las Vegas 2009

This wasn’t a “real” Vegas vacation, this was a nearly free vacation, a-la my friend Melissa. I crashed on her couch and she took me to all of the free, or nearly free, entertainment hot spots around town. She definitely opened my eyes to several different parts of Vegas I never knew existed, which was exactly the point. Vacation like a local!

I had to get a picture of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

On Camera 016

World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain!

Chocolate Fountain in Belagio 2 Chocolate Fountain

We spent a lot of time on Fremont Street. It’s old-school Vegas and there was so much to see!

Fremont Street Golden Nugget 2 4 Queens on Fremont st Cowgirl

There were plenty of street performers, but this guy could paint a picture with a can of spray paint in less than 5 minutes and they were amazing!

Spray Paint Artist

I’m sure it has drastically changed in the last five years, but it’s one of those places that will always have the same feel of greatness and grandeur no matter how many hotels they tear down and build back up. Viva Las Vegas!

Fripp Island SC 2007

I was digging through my vacation folder recently, dreaming of the day when I can actually take one again, and I came across some trips I haven’t posted.

Fripp 055

One of my friends’ parents owns a condo on Fripp Island and another friend and I joined her for a long weekend several years ago. The condo faced the marsh, which was very peaceful and quiet.

Fripp 087

You weren’t supposed to feed the deer (which we didn’t!), but you could tell other people did because they weren’t bothered or scared of us at all. There were a lot of deer…

Fripp 012 Fripp 014 Fripp 015

The beach!

Fripp 016

Some of the beautiful houses on the island

Fripp 037Fripp 038 Fripp 052Fripp 048

I woke up early one morning to see the sun rise, as per usual when I’m at the beach. I was also hoping to see some turtles, but they were even earlier to rise than I was (but they left some tracks).

Fripp 069 Fripp 072 Fripp 058 Fripp 068

Oh, and this was “number 10,” the golf cart we used getting around the island. I’ll never forget you #10 :)

Fripp 079