Fall Leaves – Over the Years

As the last of the autumn leaves make their swirling way to the ground and winter’s icy breath begins to chill the bone, thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of fall colors over the years.


This poster was actually 18 pictures stitched together to give the effect of a panorama, before the panorama function was built into digital cameras.

Fall Leaves poster-2007


DSC06028-2010 DSC06051-2010 DSC06058-2010 DSC06060-2010 DSC06068.2-2010 DSC06095-2010


DSC08269-2011 DSC08261-2011


DSC00146-2012 DSC00148-2012 DSC00171-2012 DSC00197-2012 DSC00201-2012  DSC00599-2012  DSC00613-2012 DSC00615-2012


DSCN7955-2013 DSCN7958-2013 DSCN7962-2013 DSCN7969-2013 DSCN7970-2013 DSCN7973-2013 DSCN7974-2013


A cemetery…and a Birthday…on 11/12/13?

My Dad’s only birthday wish (aside from a nice dinner out), was to drive around Hollywood Cemetery. A little morbid, perhaps, but it was a lot of fun and full of photo opportunities (and it was 11/12/13!).

We started in an older section. Some of the markers were so old the engravings had been worn down.


Had to post some birds.

DSCN8026 DSCN8184DSCN8030

Memorial to the Confederate Women of Virginia

DSCN8038DSCN8048 DSCN8124DSCN8059 DSCN8061DSCN8062 DSCN8063 DSCN8068 DSCN8074

It snowed! In early November! In Richmond! On 11/12/13! It was just a little flurry and only lasted for 10 or 15 minutes, but it was still the earliest snow I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. You can kind of see a streak of white on my Dad’s brown jacket.


You can see tiny little flakes on the left side.

DSCN8095DSCN8094 DSCN8096

This is the (coffin? tomb? shrine? grave?) resting place of President James Monroe

DSCN8097 DSCN8100

Dad reading the markers for Jefferson Davis.

DSCN8158DSCN8103 DSCN8110 DSCN8115 DSCN8125DSCN8129 DSCN8134 DSCN8138 DSCN8141 DSCN8146DSCN8177DSCN8147 DSCN8150 DSCN8153 DSCN8156

There are probably hundreds of celtic crosses dotting the cemetery and could inspire one to do an entire post of them. I was not on the hunt for them specifically, but did snap a couple.

DSCN8161 DSCN8165

Japanese writing is so beautiful.


Loved this pop of red!

DSCN8171DSCN8168 DSCN8175

After the cemetery, we drove around Church Hill a bit and ended up driving through Chimborazo Park. In it, we discovered a miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty! With a bird perched on it, of course.

DSCN8190 DSCN8188

We had a ton of fun driving around, snapping pictures and reading some very interesting headstones and grave markers. The below was the first one we really took notice of and I think was our favorite. Not much else to add to that. Other than Happy Birthday Dad, and maaannnny moooooooore!


Best of Richmond 2

If this were happening in California, I would blame (or thank) the smog for these colors, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have smog here in Virginia. I can’t explain all of the BEAUTIFUL sunsets we’ve been having recently. I happened to be leaving Target tonight when the sunset took form. I turned around, parked back in the lot and snapped these. Thanks again Richmond, you’re doing a fantastic job at being gorgeous!

DSCN7914 DSCN7916 DSCN7923 DSCN7925