Virginia Beach VA 2016

Another quick beach trip! The forecast called for showers just about every hour I was there, and it did rain on the drive over, but luckily it cleared up.

Unfortunately the trip did not coincide with the annual Sandsculpting competition and Art Fair. But, I did visit a new part of VA Beach I had not been to before – First Landing State Park. So named to commemorate the 1607 landing of the Virginia Company at Cape Henry. The group of settlers that made landfall there eventually moved west and formed Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America. The cape was originally named by the settlers to commemorate the Prince of Wales, Henry Frederick, who was the eldest son of King James.

As I walked up the boardwalk, I saw kites and thought kids were flying kites. Then I saw a couple of guys kitesurfing! I can’t recall ever seeing that before so I stood for quite a long time watching them. I even got a short video.

I wasn’t expecting there to be any shells, so I didn’t bring a bag. But there ended up being a ton, so I had to use my camera bag (I emptied it out carefully before putting my camera back in it!). The black thing is a skate egg case, or what I’ve heard them referred to as a “devil’s purse.” I’ve seen a ton of them, but this one was still perfectly shaped and already dried, so I scooped it up to add to my collection! Also found a cool bottle cap so I kept it too. You can barely see it, but I found clear seaglass! It’s below the big square thing next to the devil’s purse. I have no idea what it is, but it has flaky layers and a sheen on the other side. I also picked up what I think are calico crab shells. Never seen them before so I grabbed a few (bottom left).


Not only were there a lot of shells, there were also a lot of “critters.”

It was very quiet and peaceful there. I will definitely go back to that spot the next time I go to the beach!

There is a second entrance on the other side of the street that has a lot of trails. I’ve never seen Spanish Moss in Virginia before.

I then traveled to a spot that was recommended for good dolphin sittings. It’s called Chesapeake Beach Park near Chic’s Beach. I didn’t see any dolphins but it was a quaint little beach.

I also found a large piece of driftwood that had some shells embedded in it. It’s outside drying but I can’t wait to incorporate it into my shell bowl!


It was too cloudy to wake up early and catch the sunrise, but one night the sunset cast a few colors on the clouds.


The beach is always good for boat and people watching.

The sun managed to come out the morning I left. All in all it was a nice, relaxing trip to the beach, exactly what I was hoping for!