Fall Leaves – Over the Years

As the last of the autumn leaves make their swirling way to the ground and winter’s icy breath begins to chill the bone, thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of fall colors over the years.


This poster was actually 18 pictures stitched together to give the effect of a panorama, before the panorama function was built into digital cameras.

Fall Leaves poster-2007


DSC06028-2010 DSC06051-2010 DSC06058-2010 DSC06060-2010 DSC06068.2-2010 DSC06095-2010


DSC08269-2011 DSC08261-2011


DSC00146-2012 DSC00148-2012 DSC00171-2012 DSC00197-2012 DSC00201-2012  DSC00599-2012  DSC00613-2012 DSC00615-2012


DSCN7955-2013 DSCN7958-2013 DSCN7962-2013 DSCN7969-2013 DSCN7970-2013 DSCN7973-2013 DSCN7974-2013


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