Scout & Misty – 3 months old

Posting weekly on the kitten’s progress is a little time-consuming, so I’ll start posting monthly. They are turning 3 months old soon, we think. They are gaining weight, their eyes have gone from blue to a yellowish-green-hazel color and their tails are getting looooooooong.

They are still playing in boxes and chasing things on strings.

DSCN2916 DSCN2743 DSCN2909 DSCN2820 DSCN2837

Misty still loves sitting on shoes.


And she has picked up a really bad habit of stealing toys from Scout.


But Scout gets them back. Or takes it and hides.


They are so cute when they get themselves into strange positions!


 What am I saying, they are ALWAYS cute!

DSCN2806 DSCN2919 DSCN2846 DSCN2931 DSCN2994 DSCN2973 DSCN2990 DSCN2958


Scout & Misty – 9 weeks old

I’m really late posting this, they are around 12 weeks old now, but I still feel the need to post their progress.

The last time I posted, they were trying desperately to get around the barriers into the off-limit areas. It didn’t take them long. Scout is always the first to figure things out, but Misty is never far behind.

 DSCN2281 DSCN2285

Did I mention before that Misty loves shoes? And pant legs? And trying to crawl up them?


Misty likes chewing on cords.


Scout likes chewing on her foot :)


They both love to get into the fake flowers, but I only caught Misty red-handed this time.


They are starting to realize how nice sun-spots are.

DSCN2313 DSCN2318

But, they are after all, still kittens and spend lots of time sleeping.

DSCN2373 DSCN2382 DSCN2390

This shot was just too cute not to put in here!