Richmond Zoo 2012

So, rather than talking about walking around the zoo and naming all of the obvious animals, I’m going to be silly and give each one a caption. Well, almost all of them. Some aren’t silly enough for a caption, but I can’t not post them ;-)

I am NOT a flamingo! But, I kinda wanna be…

I AM a Flamingo. Boom!

Those stupid Flamingoes and all their peacocking get on my nerves.

Nothing funny…he was my favorite out of the whole zoo.

I really wish I could post video. He grabbed a piece of cardboard and scooped that noodle thing closer so he could grab it. They are so intelligent, it’s hard to see them in cages.

This guy liked to pose.

Did someone say fresh-baked cookies!?!

Hey don’t cut me out of the picture!

Black Swan. That is all.

It’s a parrot. It’s a parrot.

Hard to tell where one ends and another begins…

How you doin’?

Yes, mmhmm, this is my good side.

Maybe if I stand really still that other one will go away…wait that’s weird, when I turn my head, it does too…

Yup, Zebras.


Just a watering hole.

Oh, well, hi, hello, how are you?

Pssst! Hey, hey, you got any sardines?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty…




Did someone say Zebras?

Tigers on the prowl.

Someone looks like he wants a whisker scrub!

It’s good to be king.

Pretty Kitty!


YAAWWNN! Aaannnd I’m done!


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