Asheville NC – Biltmore House 2012

Grounds and Gardens of the Biltmore House in Asheville, North CarolinaDSC00165










DSC00135  DSC00200 DSC00201 DSC00228

These are the “illegal” pictures I took on the inside. No photography was allowed, and I mean none. I saw people getting chased down for taking pictures with their phones! But that didn’t stop me from trying ;-) I didn’t want to leave without having SOME sort of photographic evidence of being there. I learned later they sold books of the house and bought one, but am still proud I was able to snap a few discernible pics without getting caught!

This is the dining room and that would be part of my dad’s face in the bottom corner ;-)DSC00040

George Vanderbilt’s bedroomDSC00046

Edith Vanderbilt’s bedroomDSC00061

Shot of the lawn and the Christmas Tree going up from one of the hallways DSC00066

Main staircase & chandelier DSC00067

Damask Room DSC00069

Servant’s staircase DSC00073

Blue Ridge ParkwayDSC00304 DSC00267 DSC00072 DSC00185 DSC00248 DSC00271 DSC00314

Biltmore at night with the Christmas lights onDSC00357 DSC00358 DSC00351 DSC00366 DSC00375


2 thoughts on “Asheville NC – Biltmore House 2012

  1. You’ve got the talent! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got now that you have better equipment!

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