I try to have at least one lazy day a week, usually on the weekends. Saturday (yesterday) was that lazy day. I had a list of things I needed/wanted to do, but I ended up just staying in my pjs all day. And that was perfectly fine with me. I used a lot of my day to take pictures with my new camera. Which ended up consisting mostly of birds, but I like to “bird-watch” and finally have a camera that will take good pictures of them. This camera is probably the best gift I’ve been given. I can see it is going to give me endless entertainment! Below are just some of the images I was able to capture this weekend.

This is one of the ferals living in my yard/under my house. His name is Orange Cat. I guess he thought cartoons are real and thought if he stood right next to the bird feeder, the birds would fly straight into his mouth. Rest assured, no birds were harmed during the duration of this photo shoot.DSCN0632

I watched this little mohawk dude fly in and out at least 20 times. He was a cutie.DSCN0627

This little guy was so little and petite!DSCN0660

So cool to catch a little wing action!DSCN0669

Mr. Big BluejayDSCN0675

Pretty red CardinalDSCN0701

And the best of the day came at the end of the day! How cool is that!?!DSCN0702

I actually took the shots of the moon this evening. I have a special connection with the moon. I remember, from a very young age, talking to the moon. It is always there. It may not always been visible, but it’s always there in some form or another. DSCN0711


As much and as often as I take pictures, my New Year’s resolution was to take even MORE pictures. I’m sure there will be more randomness to come so pleased stay tuned ;-)


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