Cutest Cats 2

I had hoped on taking a lot of spring flower pictures this week, but after being stuck in the house for 4 days with the dreaded stomach bug, I obviously couldn’t help but take a lot of cat pictures instead.

These cuter than bunnies are turning 8 years old in a couple of weeks!

Their “cute and cuddly” lessons have gone SO well that they’ve now graduated to “huggable and squeezable!”

DSCN2248 mcm

DSCN2251 mcm

DSCN2275 mcm

Bros for life, man!

DSCN2264 mcm

DSCN2272 mcm

They love the sun spots in the kitchen in the afternoon.

 DSCN1876 mcm

DSCN2211 mcm

DSCN2259 mcm

DSCN2286 mcm

DSCN2289 mcm