In plain sight

 Carytown is an urban shopping mecca with chic boutiques and eclectic shops. These tough economic times have forced store openings and closings seemingly by the sunrise and sunset. The window displays and signs may be ever-changing, but the paintings and murals on sides of buildings have been there for as long as I can remember. I have seen them every time I walk down or drive through Carytown.

Having hit somewhat of a dry spell on subject material, I thought “why not see the beauty in the every day, the beauty in plain sight?”




DSCN3559 mcm

 DSCN3562 mcm


No post of mine would be complete without a shot of a flower

DSCN3545 mcm

And as I drove on to work, I remembered a restaurant some friends and I ate at recently and took a detour. The facade of 525 is nothing but windows that look out on to the theater across the street. At night when the marquee is lit up, the lights shin through the windows and offer a sparkling and dazzling view. I didn’t have my camera with me that night (gasp!), plus it was raining, but I vow to go back one evening and get some night shots (and eat, they had amazing food!).



The reflection is that of the top of the Carpenter Theater

DSCN3571 mcm

The full name of the restaurant is 525 at the Berry Burke


This is on the side of the theater


As I made my way further downtown, I felt like taking another side journey to the top of Church Hill to check out the early morning view.

Main Street



DSCN3584 mcm

DSCN3585 mcm

James River

 DSCN3589 mcm

DSCN3587 mcm

I decided to take a spin down Monument Ave after work. Those statues have been shot from every which way and angle. But here’s a couple more…one with the street sign.

Monument Ave


DSCN3598 mcm

Until next time ;-)


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