Randomness 2

Just some more random pictures I either recently came across while going through my multitude of folders, or recently took but don’t really have any other posts to stick them in. Random is rampant!

I love clouds, especially when the sun creates those cool streaks. I caught this while waiting at a traffic light near my house.


 This is a view of downtown from the balcony at my office building. I think it was one of the very first panoramas I took with my new camera.


This is the Main Street station clock tower. Looks quite spectacular at night. Need to work on my picture-taking-at-night technique.


This is by far THE most colorful sunset I’ve seen in Richmond to date. I just happened to see it while taking the trash out one night. If I hadn’t had dinner going on the stove, I would have hopped in the car and driven to a better vantage point. But it would have been gone by the time I got myself together. So I had to settle for this shot.


Ducks and geese in the lake behind The Boathouse in Brandermill. Decided to drive over there on a whim one weekend afternoon.


There haven’t been a ton of squirrels around lately, but this one managed to find the bird feeder full of seeds.

DSCN3428 DSCN3435

These fish were in a pond in front of a nursery.

DSCN3441 DSCN3443

The fam took a jaunt to Middleburg, VA a few weeks ago. The white benches and flower boxes perfectly capture the essence of this quite, sleepy little town 45 minutes outside of DC.


Middleburg irises



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