Color Challenge – Week One – Black

I sat around my living room last week, desperate for something new to take a picture of. Something other than cats or birds or flowers. Then it hit me that I should give myself an assignment. But I wanted it to be a challenge. Something that would require a bit of thought, imagination and creativity.

I don’t remember how I decided on “color” as the challenge, but well, that’s what I came up with. I would give myself a week to photograph anything and everything that was one particular color. The challenge would start Monday morning and the post would have to be up by Sunday evening. I would have to find the weekly color in ordinary things, surprising things, unusual things. The challenge is to ONLY photograph that color.

I figured I would do them in alphabetical order, starting with Black. I have to admit I cheated a tiny bit. ONLY the weekly color could be included, but the shadows produced from the sconces above my fireplace were just too cool not to include. I’ll allow myself one cheat a week ;-)

A lot of what I shot was extremely ordinary and found either at home or at work (because let’s face it, that’s where I spend most of my time). But I found that Black was actually a lot harder to find in everyday life than I thought it would be.

I didn’t intend for these to be so “macro,” but it’s pretty hard to get just the one color in the shot. I’ve labeled because some are pretty abstract.

Baseball cap


DVD remote




Sconce shadow


Fireplace brush and pan


Ceiling above my desk at work


Driver’s seat in my car


Car door speaker


Glove box


And last but not least, the camera bag!


These admittedly were pretty boring, really hope I’ll find more inspiration next week.


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