Color Challenge – Week Four – Green

I was hoping to find more green things other than foliage, but I think I have enough variety to make up for the fact that half of these are leaves or vegetables.

Ivy taking over my side yard


Tall grass in my other side yard (which is really my neighbor’s, but since they moved out, the new owners don’t keep up with it)


Leaves from my orchid I’ve manage to keep alive (that I keep at work, no way it would have survived at home with the kids)


Building I can see from the balcony at work. It looks like I treated it with a filter but I just think it was the wind and a shaky hand.


Another building I can see from the balcony at work


Mountain Dew bottle




Arrangement of (fake) succulents and moss


Vegas beads


And my cheat for the week…he isn’t exactly green, but I found this guy in my front yard. I have frogs!



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