2014 USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals

The bikers are coming, the bikers are coming!

This weekend, hundreds of athletes will descend upon downtown and traverse our cobblestone roads. Friday was the timed trials and the course was just one block away from our office, so a few of us headed up after lunch to check it out. It was a little slow, only one or two bicyclists whizzed by at a time, but it was still interesting to see a glimpse into what the 2015 World Championship will be like.

As interesting as it might be, I will be anywhere else but Richmond when hundreds of thousands of international tourists visit our quiet little town!

DSCN0482 DSCN0479.2 DSCN0481DSCN0485.2DSCN0487.2

Go Banana Slugs!!

DSCN0491DSCN0494 DSCN0495.2 DSCN0499.2 DSCN0497DSCN0492


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