Getting to know Virginia – Smithfield

For Mother’s Day, the family took a nice Sunday drive to Smithfield, VA, which is about 90 minutes Southeast of Richmond.

We crossed over the Varina-Enon bridge before we turned off on to route 10.

DSCN0548 DSCN0550

We passed through Prince George County, home to Bubba’s Chikin & Thangs!


Surry County, like many back(main)roads in Virginia, was lined with many quaint farms and farmhouses.


We practically had the whole road to ourselves the entire way there and back.


We entered Smithfield, but turned the wrong way, away from historic downtown, so we turned around at Hearn’s Bait Barn & General Store.


Main Street was FULL of fun, bright, old Victorian-esque homes, some of which were converted into stores and boutiques.

DSCN0589 DSCN0599 DSCN0587DSCN0575 DSCN0588DSCN0584DSCN0581DSCN0577DSCN0593DSCN0571DSCN0586DSCN0555DSCN0556DSCN0560

Main Street had a lot of cute boutiques with jewelry, handbags, soaps, gifts and more!


Smithfield is probably the most known for being the town that cured and produced Smithfield Ham. So of course, there are pigs everywhere ;-)


It was a beautiful day, Mom enjoyed the drive and enjoyed the meal Dad made for dinner. I would say it was an A++ for Mother’s Day 2014 :)



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