Scout & Misty – 7 weeks old

The kittens had a vet appointment to check their health and make sure they were A-OK after the transition from outside in the backyard to the inside of the house. Misty, the big sister, weighed 1.5 lbs and Scout weighed 1.2 lbs. They did have some parasites but overall they are happy and healthy!

They continue to chase things on sticks but have learned that boxes are extremely fun to play in!

DSCN1587 DSCN1609 DSCN1625 DSCN1677 DSCN1658 DSCN1656 DSCN1647 DSCN1694 DSCN1722DSCN1745 DSCN1754 DSCN1734 DSCN1735

They also love to play in the folds of the bedspread. Misty had been the aggressor at first, but Scout seems to be the one to hunt Misty down lately.

DSCN1704 DSCN1707 DSCN1716 DSCN1711 DSCN1721 DSCN1760

And they are still the cutest little baby kittens!

 DSCN1696 DSCN1690DSCN1759


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