Virginia Beach VA 2010

I only noticed that I hadn’t posted any VA Beach pictures until I returned from another quick trip there :) I figured I would start from the earliest trip and work my way up to now. These are just the beach pictures. I’m going to do separate posts of the aquarium and the sand sculpting competitions I’ve gone to over the years.

VA Beach is mostly known for the boardwalk. It stretches from 1st Street up to 40th Street (or so). There isn’t much to do on the boardwalk except walk and look at the beach or get something to eat. Atlantic Ave, one block over, has all of the touristy shops.

DSC04330 DSC04331 DSC04378 DSC04376

Several of the streets have art you can stop and enjoy.

DSC04344 DSC04350 DSC04367 DSC04368

The giant Neptune sculpture is near the end of the boardwalk around 30th Street.


No beach is complete without a fishing pier.

DSC04370 DSC04373 DSC04382


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