Myrtle Beach SC Sept 2015

Another beach trip! The water was warm, but that’s about the only good thing about Myrtle Beach. It was pretty touristy and far away and there are closer beaches. The shelling was good though!


You know it’s a tourist trap when Dolly Parton’s name is involved (no offense Dolly!).

DSCN6809 DSCN6977

It was either really cloudy or raining most of the time.

DSCN6812 DSCN6955DSCN6813 DSCN6817

I ate at the Gulfstream Cafe one night. It was voted “The Best View” but…I’ve seen better. The seafood was pretty good though.

DSCN6805 DSCN6801 DSCN6797

I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium and was fairly disappointed. It was REALLY expensive, small, and the layout was chaotic. I did enjoy the shark tube with the moving walkway.

DSCN6821 DSCN6822

Upside down jellyfish

DSCN6832 DSCN6836

I liked the set-up with these jellyfish, they had mirrors on each side.

DSCN6837 DSCN6838 DSCN6851

Still trying to get a good shot of an octopus.


Love when starfish are stuck on glass!


The background makes me dizzy, but had to include because the fish is weird.


Shark tube! I went around three times!

DSCN6901 DSCN6907 DSCN6916 DSCN6918 DSCN6920 DSCN6921 DSCN6922 DSCN6928 DSCN6929 DSCN6933 DSCN6944 DSCN6945 DSCN6947 DSCN6949

Myrtle Beach boasts it has 60 miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, and it does!

DSCN6979 DSCN6981 DSCN6982

I ate at Sea Captain’s House another night. Again, seafood was pretty good, but I’ve had better. It was right on the water and had a nice lawn as a waiting area. I saw this lady swinging on the bench swing and thought it was a nice moment.

DSCN6983 DSCN6984

On my last night, I just HAD to take a walk on the beach. I found a couple of sea urchins, probably THE coolest thing I’ve ever found on the beach!

DSCN6998 DSCN6995

Will I go back? Maybe. Hopefully the weather will be nicer next time.


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