Snickers & Twix – 12 years

Last year at this time I posted about Twix’s “episode” and I didn’t think he was going to make it. Let alone make it to his next birthday. He lost a lot of weight. He won’t let me weigh him so I’m not sure what he actually weights, but he probably lost 10 lbs.

His biggest problem now is that he doesn’t walk very well anymore. He gets around just fine, but he swings his hips and flaps his feet in a weird way. Still devours his food. Still takes naps on my lap. Still insists I use both hands when scrubbing his face. Still “mushes” my stomach. His toy-playing time is reduced to a minute or two, but he still loves his toys and play-time.

Happy twelfth birthday boys! Here’s to many, many more!!



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