Gem Mining – Take III

Take three for Dad and I visiting Lucky Lake! We found a few new gems and four or five palm-sized ones!

The last time we were there, I found a very dark-colored amethyst, and I brought it with me to have cut. This is the before and I will post the after when I go back in a few weeks to get it.


Blood Jasper – as legend has it, named because it was the stone underneath Jesus as he was nailed to the cross.

Giant rose quartz

Giant amethyst

I think this is picture jasper…but jasper nonetheless.

Spider jasper – some look like they have hieroglyphics on them. One of these does, but its hard to capture in a picture.


Rubies and Garnets (I think I know which is which, but without being certain I lumped them together).


Twix decided he wanted to help.

Smokey quartz. The larger one has a piece of mica growing out of it!



The whole catch!




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