Tacky Lights 2017

Another year (and a month late!) with more tacky lights! It occurred to me driving around this year that I have never given credit to the houses. There are also houses that I have really enjoyed in years past, but I didn’t write down the address and therefore don’t know where to go back the next year! I am rectifying that this year. Most of the houses in this post I’ve been to, and posted about before.

2334 Thousand Oaks


9608 Asbury Court – 2017 “Great Christmas Light Fight” winners

Yes, the lights go ALL the way up to the top of those trees, and they are 70 feet tall!

A whole flamingo section!

I’m very partial to geese too. And the vultures for some odd reason!

I’ve never seen the squirrels and the mailbox, the santa building the snowman, or the polar bears climbing the trees. I thought they were really cute!

9215 Venetian Way

But don’t go down Venetian Way, they don’t decorate the front. Take Maybeury instead so you can see the lights reflecting off of the lake.





And someday I’ll be on the tacky light tour!


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