Fun with Macro 2

Twix is a momma’s boy who has to be right next to me at all times. I therefore have a lot of pictures of him because well, he’s always there and always doing something really damn cute. He’s also a very sound sleeper. I couldn’t resist the urge.

CLOSE UP of Twix

Oh, hello. I’m sorry, am I disturbing you?

Good morning Twix!

I was actually able to get 9 shots of him like that before he woke up. He’s such a lazy lump!

Snickers on the other hand never sits still. But I’ll sneak up on him one of these days and catch him in the act of being cute ;-)

Sneaky Snickers

Ok, so this is a cheat, not a macro at all, but I caught him in the act of being his usual sneaky self.


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