Flowers…and watermarks

I really, really like flowers. I would love to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house every day. But alas, I have cats. Who would either naow, naow, naow on them (that’s the chomping/licking sound a cat makes when they eat flowers), or would straight up knock them off the table, spilling water and scattering broken glass every where.

So instead I take lots of pictures of flowers and enjoy them on my computer desktop. Also much cheaper this way ;-) Anyhoo, below are some of my favorites. Some might be repeaters, but I’m posting nonetheless.

I’m also testing out my new mark/watermark/stamp. I’ve been working on it for years. Well, I started it in college, when it was a mandatory assignment. It more or less was a copycat of the 3M mark – 2M. Yup, pretty boring and not thoughtful at all. I panicked, OK!

I forgot about it for several years, then would pick it up and work on it for a couple of weeks, then would get frustrated with it and give up. It is really hard to come up with a logo that encapsulates you as an (aspiring) artist/designer/photographer. I won’t bore with the whys and the hows of how I got here, but I think I’m finally happy with this one. I gave myself room to have different variations, or to just use the McM sort of chevron-looking thingy if I didn’t want to use my whole name.

I have mixed feelings about watermarks on photographs. Most of the time, I’m against them. I see the point, of course, of crediting yourself with the photograph. But when the subject is something that millions of other people have shot a pic of, the Leaning Tower of Pisa for example, I don’t really see the point in watermarking or stamping it. But if your composition is unique, or you’re lucky enough to get a “this is a once in a lifetime moment,” a hail mary at the Superbowl, by all means, please.

These flowers are not Superbowl special…everyone has a picture of a rose. But the first one of the chrysanthemum I think is pretty unique, therefore deserving ;-) But I’ve been wanting to post flowers for a while, and I literally just finished the mark, so why not do a combo and test the waters while smelling the imaginary roses all at the same time?

If it looks small or too light in some cases, that was done intentionally. I don’t want people to be distracted, or to destroy the integrity of the photograph, by making it huge and in your face. Thoughts, comments, criticisms and critiques are always welcome ;-)

Chrysanthemum in a bouquet in the office on Valentine’s Day 20132.14.13 mcm

Gardens at the Biltmore House, Asheville NC 2012Biltmore Gardens Ashville NC 11.8.12 mcm

Orchid – Lewis Ginter, Richmond VA 2012Lewis Ginter Richmond VA 6.21.12 mcm

Hibiscus – Botanic Garden, DC 2011Botanic Garden DC 7.4.11 Hibiscus mcm

Cactus Flower – Botanic Garden, DC 2011Botanic Garden DC 7.4.11 Cactus flower mcm

Pink rose with bee – San Diego, CA 2009San Diego CA 4.28.09 pink rose w bee mcm

Pink & white rose with dew – San Diego, CA 2009San Diego CA 4.28.09 swirl w dew mcm

Yellow rose – San Diego, CA 2009San Diego CA 4.28.09 yellow rose mcm black

McM mark 2013


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