Bird watching…couch style

My camera has just enough zoom power that I can sit on my couch while simultaneously watching TV and birds! The cardinals are extremely boisterous, so I can easily tell when they are feeding. I just turn my head, turn on the camera, and start snapping. Not all of these were taken that way, but most were.

I’ve had a lot of fun researching what kinds of birds these were as well. Some are easier to identify than others. Some have several attributes that match pictures I’ve found online, except for one big difference, like color, or the beak shape, or the tail. So I’m not 100% sure on all of these, but eh, probably 85-90% certain.

When the weather gets nicer, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to sit outside and they’ll still come around to feed. I want some different angles ;-)

ChickadeeChickadee mcm

Chickadee in the snowChickadee in snow mcm

Tufted Titmouse with snow-covered seedTufted Titmouse mcm

Tufted Titmouse & House FinchTufted Titmouse & House Finch mcm

House FinchHouse Finch 1 mcm

House Finch in snowHouse Finch in show mcm

This is either a Carolina Wren or an American Tree Sparrow. There are attributes of both in this guy and I don’t have any other angles. And this is the only time I’ve seen this one. Hoping he’ll come by again and I can do some further research.Carolina Wren I think or American Tree Sparrow mcm

Black-eyed JuncoDark-eyed Junco side mcm

Black-eyed Junco. This is one of those birds that looks completely different depending on what shot you get. I spent a long time looking these up, when they were the same bird!Dark-eyed Junco in tree1 mcm

Black-eyed Junco close-upDark-eyed Junco in tree2 mcm

Blue Jay in the grassBlue Jay mcm

Blue Jay at the feederBlue Jay feeder mcm

Female Cardinalfemale cardinal mcm

Male Cardinalmale cardinal mcm

Cardinals togethercardinals together3  mcm


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