Color Challenge – (Final) Week Nine – Yellow

I made it! I’ve traversed the rainbow, and then some, of colors found in nature, my office, my home and even my car.

I wish I had started this challenge a couple of weeks later because I think the fall foliage would be in full swing and I would have had some amazing yellows out of the leaves. But I’ll have to settle for the first little tiny pop of color of autumn in my front yard.


September is hit or miss for the turning of the leaves, but it definitely marks the start of a new school year.


October usually marks the start of Mums, but they started a tad early this year (much like the pumpkins).


Umbrella I spotted on the patio of a Mexican restaurant.


This is one of those free local Real Estate magazine racks in a shopping strip.




Collection of Yellow Gold jewelry


Yellow box


Compact mirror my mom gave me


Old school #2 pencil


Measuring spoons


And last but definitely not least, my bottle of Limoncello from Sorrento, Italy


There are plenty of other colors out there, so maybe when I’m in a rut again and need some inspiration, I’ll do another string of color challenges. But for now, I want to enjoy any and all colors I come across ;-)


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