Fun with Spiders

First of all BLECH!!!!! I HATE spiders!

But no one can deny the beauty, hard work and delicacy that go into their webs (as long as those webs are outside and out of my way!).

DSCN6041 DSCN6043

I had to start “Immersion Therapy” last year when the orb weavers took over my yard. I was flinging and batting them away with a broom because they were all over my porch. But there was a very unique pattern in the web so I did some research. Turns out they are harmless and love Love LOVE mosquitos so I figured I should leave them alone and/or gently move them to a less populated area than my front door!

I still scream like a 10 y/o and do the ants-in-the-pants dance when I unexpectedly see one, but we’re getting to know each other a little better and I try to stay out of their way. As long as they stay out of mine!

DSCN6120 DSCN6125

I mean, seriously! How would YOU react if you walked into one of these!?!?



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