Some call them Tacky Lights…

…I call them Terrific and Twinkly!

I’m sure every city has their own set of houses with “Tacky Lights,” but our townsfolk go all out!

This is a selection of my favorites starting with the most recent.


DSCN8822 DSCN8802 DSCN8803 DSCN8809 DSCN8818DSCN8824 DSCN8828 DSCN8830 DSCN8832 DSCN8834DSCN8837 DSCN8838 DSCN8839 DSCN8845DSCN8951 DSCN8913DSCN8914 DSCN8915 DSCN8916 DSCN8924 DSCN8929 DSCN8930 DSCN8936 DSCN8939DSCN8948 DSCN8946 DSCN8942 DSCN8941


DSC00253 DSC00262 DSC00271 DSC00296

Nothing tacky at all about my Mom’s tablescape, but I feel the need to share the sparkling prettiness here.

DSCN0014 DSCN0021


DSC08325 DSC08340


Nothing tacky about the reindeer, but the James Center always decorates for the downtown Grand Illumination.


Merry Christmas!!


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