Randomness 3

These are truly random, like, I mean, RAN-DOM!

This was taken in Williamsburg at an art festival in 2011. I think any and all places should have this for Dads and Husbands. And maybe Daughters sometimes when Moms drag them to open houses. Just saying :)


I’m actually pretty offended by this, but if they wanted to stir up a reaction, they sure did.


This is in my kitchen. Makes me smile every morning when I make my coffee.


We have what we call “buddy spaces” in our parking garage where they pair you up with a co-worker and the monthly parking is a little bit cheaper than if you had a single spot. The trouble is, I’m usually blocked in. This was taken on a Friday around 5:30. I’m the silver car parked behind all the others. AND THERE AREN’T ANY OTHER CARS IN THE GARAGE!! WHY ME!?!? Happens ALL-THE-TIME!


Um…I don’t know if these were left over from Halloween, but I took this two weeks ago, in January. I don’t know what else to say…


I love to make fruit smoothies and love the pattern it makes.


Took this shot this morning. The light hit the candle holder just right and made it shimmer and sparkle.


FINALLY had an idea for matchbooks! And wine corks! And added some toothpicks for a little asymmetry.



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