Cutest Cats 3

Even though they are brothers, they couldn’t be more different. Twix is a leech and a momma’s boy and has to be near me, if not on me, at all times. He also loves to “help.” And of course by help, I mean be in the way…

…while I’m trying to read the newspaper…


…while writing notes…


…but chewing the pen isn’t enough, he must try using it…


…and then he must steal it…


…and bury it in the couch, like a squirrel with a nut…


…then when Mom digs it out, but doesn’t play with it, he stares at you wondering why it’s not moving…


Snickers on the other hand is more independent, just as loveable, but only on his own time. He likes to bite when he isn’t sure how to show his affection (don’t worry, they are “love nips,” he’s only drawn blood a few times).


I have three times as many pictures of Twix because he’s always around! Whereas Snickers has a secret hiding place he likes to sleep in so is literally not around as much. But when he does come out, he’s just as cute as his sibling.

Chilling in the box.


Napping by his toys.


Playing the crazy cat.


And generally just lying around being cute.


They started a routine of wrestling in the morning and I managed to snap a few in the middle of the melee.

DSCN9880 DSCN9878 DSCN0237 DSCN0235

 It may look like Snickers always wins because he’s on top, but Twix somehow manages to flip him most of the time. The fights never last very long and whatever started the tiff tends to be forgotten quickly.



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