Echo Lake Park

There is a little park in Henrico I used to pass all the time and I finally went in last week. It has about a 1/2 mile trail that loops around the lake with a few benches to sit and watch the wildlife on. It also has a picnic area with some grills as well as a small playground.

While most people probably go clock-wise around a trail, I tend to start on the right-hand side and go counter clock-wise (I do the same thing at the grocery store too, don’t quite know why). If you start on the right, you have to cross a bridge over a spillway that drops down into a smaller pond.


I stuck my head over the edge and found a mama duck and three babies either drinking the water, or catching little bits of I don’t know what and eating them. But it was cute to watch them float, catch themselves, and waddle back to mom!

DSCN0848 DSCN0853 DSCN0859

I then made my way to the trail and took a few shots of the forest and trees as well as the path itself.

DSCN0867 DSCN0869

Not quite half-way around, there was an opening in the trees where I could see the lake again. I happened to look up while I was walking and spotted a Great Blue Heron!


I was fortunate enough to spot him (?) while catching a fish!


Spearing it


Grabbing it


Preparing to swallow it


And its gone!


Half-way point around the lake


View of the end of the lake


Bubbles from…something…


Ferns and other foliage I spotted on the trail


The sun was going down, but I was still able to catch some rays through the leaves


Part of the fishing pier and parking lot off on the left


It’s a nice, peaceful and quaint park that I will definitely be returning to in the near future.


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