Scout & Misty – 7 months old

They are growing up so fast! They still have lots of kitten energy and spunk, but they are starting to look like actual cats.

DSCN4516 DSCN4514 DSCN4562 DSCN4524

Neither one was interested in the Thanksgiving turkey, we had to force Misty onto the table for the obligatory “cat sniffing turkey” shot.


But boy oh boy, the kittens have discovered that Christmas is the absolute best time of the year! Between the ornaments, the crunchy stuff on the tree, presents, ribbons, and the tree itself, there is so much to keep them entertained.

 DSCN4491 DSCN4476 DSCN4488 DSCN4480 DSCN4534 DSCN4609 DSCN4614


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