Tacky Lights take II (or twelve?)

Another year, another night of driving around and seeing all of the twinkly, sparkly lights! I decided to check out some of the houses that weren’t maddeningly busy.

For a look at the lights in years past, please see https://anyonecantakeapicture.com/2013/12/22/some-call-them-tacky-lights/.


DSCN4623 DSCN4624 DSCN4622 DSCN4629.2 DSCN4630 DSCN4631 DSCN4634 DSCN4641 DSCN4642 DSCN4645 DSCN4650DSCN4653 DSCN4656 DSCN4657 DSCN4702 DSCN4706 DSCN4704DSCN4680

Some neighborhoods decided to spread the Christmas cheer by joining together and whole cul-de-sacs decorated their homes.

DSCN4681 DSCN4682 DSCN4683 DSCN4687 DSCN4689 DSCN4692 DSCN4694 DSCN4695 DSCN4696


One thought on “Tacky Lights take II (or twelve?)

  1. I wish there are also twinkly, sparkly lights in my neighborhood. But we have just been devastated by a strong typhoon and power is still out in most places.

    Oh, i love the “Reindeer Crossing’ sign :-)

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