Scout & Misty – First Christmas!

Ahhh! It was the kittens’ first Christmas!

Here they are opening their presents.

DSCN4734 DSCN4739 DSCN4753

As fun as gifts are, the packaging they come in is JUST as fun.


And playing in paper and ribbons is fun too.

DSCN4773 DSCN4788

They played so hard they pooped themselves out!

DSCN4777 DSCN4779 DSCN4787 DSCN4792 DSCN4714

Even though the packages are no longer under the tree, the kittens were determined to enjoy the last moments of Christmas, for as long as they possibly could.

DSCN4842 DSCN4811 DSCN4831


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