Spring…around town

I didn’t make it to Lewis Ginter last week as I had planned, so I went tonight after work, only to discover they close at 5:00! Their extended hours don’t start until June. Oh well, it was getting a little too overcast to get good floral shots anyway.

I still needed to get my fix of flowers last week, where I could, while I waited to make my way over to the Gardens, so here they are.

These red tulips were taken at Montgomery’s first birthday party, my honorary nephew ;-)

DSCN2158 mcm

I always have my camera with me now. These cherry blossom trees were in the parking lot at my local grocery store.

DSCN2373 mcm

DSCN2374 mcm

This red bud was in front of the elementary school down the street from me. I would have stayed longer and tried more angles, but I’m a wee bit terrified of bees. Was proud of myself for getting as many shots as I did!

 DSCN2388 mcm

DSCN2389 mcm

My loving parents came over on Sunday to pick me up for a Sunday drive (I desperately needed to get out of the house after being trapped in it for five days). We spotted a bright neon green sign that read “pick your own tulips!” So we stopped and did just that!

DSCN2352.2 mcm

DSCN2355.2 mcm

 DSCN2361 mcm

These are the four I picked, one day later on Monday.

DSCN2397 mcm

Here they are two days later on Tuesday.

DSCN2415 mcm

DSCN2434 mcm

I love flowers. If I haven’t said it already, I usually can’t have fresh flowers in the house because of the cats. They just love chewing, and then subsequently vomiting up, the leaves. So I tend to err on the side of caution and not bring them in the house too often. Therefore, I take pictures of them so I always have a blossom to look at on my screen.


One thought on “Spring…around town

  1. WOW! Your U-pick tulips turned out to be beautiful. The photo of the rows of planted tulips remind me of the fields of tulips along the side of the highway in Carlsbad!

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