Tulip tracking

I mentioned these tulips already in Spring…around town, but I’m having fun tracking the growth of them so I’m starting a separate post. I’ll update and add photos each day to this one, so please check back each day!


DSCN2397 mcm


DSCN2415 mcm


DSCN2462 mcm

This is a close up of the first tulip that opened

DSCN2440 mcm

Second one that opened

DSCN2448 mcm

The purple one finally fully opened!

DSCN2449 mcm

I think the last one is yellow, but I don’t really remember. It’ll be a surprise, can’t wait!

Thursday – not much has changed since yesterday. Still no movement on bud #4.


There was absolutely no change on Friday. But I did have to change the vase as they were started to droop a little too much for the mason jar.

Saturday – the last bud finally started to open up a little bit!





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