Sunday Afternoons

What an afternoon for photo ops! It started casually taking pictures in my parent’s backyard, to parking on the side of the road for wild wisteria, to running across the street for donkeys & cows, to hot air balloons floating right above my head!

But that’s the best kind of afternoon, unexpected, unplanned and full of surprises.

A wild redbud tree decided to sprout up and bloom in my parent’s backyard. I will be keeping my eye on this one over the years ;-)


Found this wisteria growing like crazy on Mountain road




I didn’t notice this until I was editing these photos, but check out all the loops the vines are making. Almost looks like the wisteria started growing over warped metal or something, but those are the vines.




There are a few farms on Mountain and the donkeys and cows just happened to be grazing close enough to the street for me to run over and take a few shots.



I happened to catch the hot air balloon while driving home. Thought catching the bird too was a nice touch ;-) And yes, it is as close as it looks, I hope it managed to pull up before reaching the freeway!



Ok, this is cheating, I shot this Caddy last weekend, but I had to include it somewhere!



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